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Throw a stone into the peaceful water of a lake, observe the concentric circles that form around the stone. This is the principle of the effects of Sound Massage on your body, containing 75% water. The gong bath is a tool for transformation, an introspective journey through sound. It affects the nervous and lymphatic system, inducing a state of spontaneous meditation and deep relaxation, facilitating the movement of vital energy, promoting healing and awakening consciousness.



During a sound session, you comfortably lie down on a mattress and an ergonomic pillow, covered with a wool blanket or a light sheet depending on the season, then let yourself go, embarking on an introspective journey. It is a moment of self-discovery, an intimate adventure through the physical, psychic and astral bodies, inducing a state of spontaneous meditation and relaxation that facilitates the movement of vital energy, promotes healing and awakens consciousness. Sound primarily affects the lymphatic and nervous systems, it passes through the body not only through the ears but also through the skin and internal membranes. You can come for relaxation, seeking clarity or to work on specific physical issues - relief of chronic pain or mental issues - relief from stress or depression, release of family "baggage". It is a precious moment to treat oneself or a loved one.

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Gong Master

Born in Haifa, Israel, I left the Holy Land at 19 after a tumultuous childhood and adolescence, a punk, idealist and dreamer. After 6 months spent between London and Amsterdam, I went to the United States for 3 months, but ended up staying for 6 years. I arrived in New York in early 1984, an unforgettable, intense year immersed in the world of art, nightlife and spiritual quests. In 1985, I moved to California where I bought a Volkswagen Van and traveled for 5 months to meet with Indians, cowboys, witches and druids. In 1987, I began studying at the San Francisco Art Institute. After a romantic encounter, I moved to France in 1989 and started working in my studio and raising a family. In 2010, we moved to South Korea for 5 years. I published two books of photos and texts with Noonbit Editions, one about the transformation of women's role in Korean society over the past 60 years and the other about a yoga journey through Korea in collaboration with Martine Prost, a philologist and yoga teacher. Back to France in 2015,

I was trained in England in Gong and sound healing in 2016 by the masters Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre.


In 2019 I published the book "Surviving my Mother" in collaboration with my mother Martha Ramon with Carmel Editions in Israel. A compilation of letters I wrote to her between 1977, the year I left home, and 1998, interspersed with mother's reflections on my past writings. Our letter exchanges ended with the popularization of the internet and the emergence of emails and video calls. Traveled through 4 continents, I was fascinated by the extraordinary richness of different cultures, always expanding my thirst for understanding human beings, our customs and rituals. Two-dimensional art - painting, photography or installations - was no longer enough for me, I felt the need to work with the living, to plant seeds of light through sound healing. In parallel to my artistic career, I studied Dzogchen Buddhism, Tantrism and received teachings and transmissions from master Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and other masters. I was initiated into sacred ceremonies and spiritual practices in indigenous traditions in Peru and Portugal.

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Sound is the force of creation, the real everything. Music then becomes the voice of the great cosmic unity and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.

Inayat Khan (1882-1927)


Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv


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