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Gong bath group session

Sound meditation

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  • 150 שקלים חדשים
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo

Description du service

A Gong Bath is an introspective journey through sound. It induces a state of spontaneous meditation that facilitates the movement of vital energy, promotes healing and awakens consciousness. It affects the nervous system, not only through the ears but through the skin and internal membranes while you are lying on a yoga mat with a cushion and a blanket. The first part is a deep relaxation with intuitive instruments; sacred leaves of the Amazon forest, ocean drum, Tibetan and crystal bowls, etc. Reaching a state of complete relaxation, the sounds of the gongs act deeply, stirring and releasing shadow areas, making way for the light. A Gong Bath is a spiritual evolution work as well as a cellular harmonisation, allowing for a better balance in one's life.

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  • Tel Aviv, Israel


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